OUR FAMILY STORY: The Proietti Legacy

A Tradition Rooted in Pietralunga

The Proietti family has been synonymous with the truffle business in Pietralunga, Italy, for three generations. Our journey is a tale of dedication, hard work, and a deep connection to the land that has been passed down through the years.

The Beginning: Great-Grandfather and Grandfather

Our story begins with our great-grandfather, Giovanni Proietti, who, in the early 20th century, embarked on a humble yet ambitious journey. Giovanni was a quarryman, tirelessly searching the forests of Umbria for the elusive truffle. His days were long, and the work was demanding, but his passion for truffle hunting was unwavering. Giovanni sold his prized finds to local traders, laying the foundation for what would become a family tradition.

Giovanni's wife, Lucia Proietti, played a crucial role in the family’s success. Lucia managed the household and supported Giovanni’s efforts, ensuring that the family remained strong and united.

Giovanni's son, Mario Proietti, continued in his father's footsteps. Mario inherited not only the skills of a quarryman but also a deep respect for the land and its treasures. Like his father, Mario dedicated himself to finding the finest truffles, which he too sold to traders. Mario's wife, Elena Proietti, was his steadfast partner. She provided unwavering support and helped manage the growing business, ensuring its sustainability and growth.

Mario was not alone in this journey; he had three brothers – Giuseppe, Antonio, and Carlo Proietti. Each sibling contributed in their own way, whether through direct involvement in truffle hunting or supporting the business operations, further solidifying the Proietti family's reputation in the truffle community.

The Second Generation: Father’s Vision

The next chapter of our story features our father, Luigi Proietti. Luigi grew up amidst the truffle-rich woods of Pietralunga, learning the secrets of truffle hunting from his father, Mario. As a young quarryman, Luigi showed an innate understanding of the truffle trade. His vision extended beyond simply selling to traders; he saw the potential to elevate the business.

Luigi began establishing relationships with local restaurants, recognizing that chefs were eager for high-quality truffles directly from the source. This move was revolutionary for the family business, as it shifted from purely supply-driven to a more customer-focused approach. Luigi’s hard work paid off, and soon, the Proietti name became known not just among traders but within the culinary circles of the region.

Luigi’s wife, Maria Proietti, was instrumental in this transformation. Maria's insights and organizational skills helped streamline operations, making it possible to meet the growing demand from restaurants. Additionally, Luigi's sisters, Francesca and Isabella Proietti, assisted in various aspects of the business, from marketing to customer relations, ensuring the family’s continued success.

The Third Generation: Expanding Horizons

Today, the legacy of Giovanni, Mario, and Luigi Proietti lives on through the third generation: the three Proietti brothers – Marco, Alessandro, and Davide. We have embraced the family tradition with the same passion and dedication as our predecessors, while also bringing a modern approach to the business.
Marco, Alessandro, and Davide Proietti have expanded the family’s truffle business to new heights. Our operations still center around Pietralunga, where our ancestors first discovered their love for truffle hunting. However, we have now established a worldwide distribution network, providing the finest truffles to wholesalers across the globe.

Each of us brings unique strengths to the business:
  • Marco Proietti focuses on maintaining and building relationships with international clients, supported by his wife, Giulia Proietti, who assists with international communications.

  • Alessandro Proietti oversees the operations and ensures the highest quality standards are met, with the invaluable support of his wife, Sofia Proietti, who manages logistical details.

  • Davide Proietti handles the marketing and strategic growth of our brand, with help from his wife, Laura Proietti, who contributes to brand development and public relations.

Our sisters, Anna and Chiara Proietti, continue to support the family business in various capacities, ensuring that the Proietti legacy remains strong.
Together, we honor the traditions of our great-grandfather, grandfather, and father, while also embracing innovation and global expansion. Our truffles are harvested with the same meticulous care and respect for the environment that Giovanni and Mario instilled in us. We use advanced techniques to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, freshness, and authenticity.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Proietti family is proud of our heritage and committed to continuing our tradition of excellence. Our truffles are a testament to the hard work and dedication of three generations of Proietti quarrymen and the unwavering support of our family members. We invite you to share in our legacy and experience the unparalleled quality of Proietti truffles, a true taste of Pietralunga.

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